iBi Art uses art to teach:

the Art of self-Empowerment

We at iBi believe in the power of Art and strive to teach the ordinary layperson about the MAGIC to be manifested in ordinary acts of creativity.

Our workshops begin from introductory courses in drawing and painting in both acrylic and oil, mixed medium,ceramics, teaching based on signs, colours and symbols to create meaning.

Students and participators in iBi's Art Courses are encouraged to discover for themselves those aspects of the Arts which best suit them, with the helpful guidance of Isa Schwartz Gesseau and her tutors on hand to show them the way, to teach them the timeless methods of artmaking and to encourage them to discover for themselves the magical, healing and rejuvenating powers of Art!

Section 3

iBi Art uses art to teach life orientation skills, express feelings and to provide education for Pep schools with Nature being the theme, in conjunction with Valued Citizen's Initiative.

Section 4

Self Portrait process, with eyes closed. Learners draw with their eyes closed touching and feeling their faces. Words and values are chosen to move them from a negative space to a more positive space. Messages are created on their t- shirts.

Section 5

Art is used for Corporate Companies to reflect Strategy.

Section 6

Become The Architects In The Art Of Your Relationship

co-ordinated and developed by Sophie Licht - Life Coach
and artist Isa Schwartz-Gesseau


To build your relationship into a sustainable, evolving space for continued growth together in an ever changing environment. This process targets singles, engaged, newly weds, couples living together, renewal of vows, to assist and enhance family dynamics and also can be used in a corporate or small and medium size business to assist with internal working relationships.


Session 1:
Discovery of self (2½ hours)
Discovery of self, of your non negotiables and wants in your current relationship and if you're not in a relationship what would those non negotiables and wants be?

Session 2:
Self-discovery and exploration (1½ hours)
Art and coaching principles will be used concurrently. For those not in a relationship:
discovery through self-portraiture uing colours, signs and symbols in a creative context. For those in a relationship: You draw your partner. this process will be facilitated by both life coach and artist concurrently addressing any possible challenges, through the process.

Session 3:
Pointers and tips on common skill will be shared before
the drawing process starts
(1½ hours)
Each participant will either jointly (for those who are a couple) or individually (for those who are not a couple), create their own visions of architecture/building in art for their relationship for the future. This will culminate as your blue print.

Section 7

iBi Art, Isa Schwartz-Gesseau and her team will travel to create a special art event, tailor-made to meet your personal needs.