iBi Art uses art to teach:

Artists Represented by iBi

Over the years iBi have come into contact with local and foreign talent from a variety of art disciplines, ranging from painting to sculpture and product design.

Although we are not gallerists as such, we organise and host artist's exhibitions by negotiating artspace with the gallerists and premises owners specialising in event exhibitions. iBi take care of the aspects of exhibiton organising that artists neither have the time nor inclination to do: from arranging posters and invitations, to Food & Beverage catering, to curating the shows and facilitating the art sales.

We form an important administrative and organisational component for the artists so they can focus on their creativity without having the additional stress of front-end art exhibiton organising weighing on their shoulders.

Below are artists who have exhibited with iBi Art successfully. A stock of artist's work is kept on hand at the iBi Art studio in Johannesburg.

Angela Banks

A graduate of Pretoria University, Angela Banks is a specialist in portraiture. Her debut show "Rumble In The Jungle" with Gesseau Art was a success (assisted by Isa and Kevin Gesseau) and Angela has held subsequent exhibitions in conjunction with iBi Art.

Alexandra Leggat

Alexandra Leggat paints landscape using oil on canvas of typically South African spaces. She exhibited in November 2009 at the Alliance Française Johannesburg with iBi Art.

Cathy Abraham

Cathy Abraham works with mixed media, photographs, inks, tea and wine on canvas together with special papers. A student of Rose & Clare, she has exhibited twice with iBi Art at the Alliance Française in Johannesburg, in 2009 and 2011.

Francis Kendall

Francis Kendall exhibited with iBi Art at the Alliance Française in Johannesburg in 2009 showing works from memories of her youth and more recently, an exhibition of her retrospective portraits in 2010.

Pamela Guhrs-Carr

Pamela Guhrs-Carr lives and works in Zambia. Her theme and language reflect the symbols and signs of her environment and the visions seen during initiation ceremonies performed in trance, the states of shamans. She is also very involved in expressing the animal kingdom that she lives in, as seen through her own unique perspective. She works in mixed media.

Helen Joseph

Helen uses the female body as symbol for expression of her own personal journey in many different ways. She uses mixed media and has exhibited twice with iBi Art at the Alliance Française and at Chemistry.

Ilana Seati

Ilana Seati uses space and the relationships of figures in space and their interaction. She works mainly in oil on canvas and also charcoal on paper. Ilana exhibited with iBi Art in 2009 at the Alliance Française.

Loren Kaplan

Loren Kaplan majored in Fine Art at Wits in Photography. She later on learnt Ceramics under the guidance of Kim Sacks. Loren discovered the healing power in Ceramics and has made it her livelihood ever since. Her delicacy and care breathes through every piece she creates. Loren exhibited with iBi Art in November 2009.

Lindy Wright

Lindy Wright is a sculptoress who uses pieces of fibreglass to create her sculpture pieces. She exhibited in a group show in October 2009 at the Alliance Française.

Mark Singleton

Mark Singleton, blogger/artist and graphic designer, exhibited recently with iBi Art at Gallery 160 in July 2011. A full-time artist and graphic artist, Mark creates metaphorical depictions of contemporary society through cartoon caricatures.

Toby Megaw

Presently living and working in Cape Town Toby works as a full-time sculptor. He exhibited in October 2009 at the Alliance Française and has a few pieces in Johannesburg at the Alliance to view in their courtyard.

Wayne Barker

Wayne Barker, a talent of note, travelled with iBi Art to Berlin for a show in 2008. Subsequently he has also successfully exhibited at the Alliance Française at the end of 2009 with iBi Art.

Boikanyo Raeletebele

Says Boikanyo, of his art: "I’ve been painting full-time for five years. My early years began with portraits and still-life but when I returned to art (from IT) I quickly graduated to more abstract works."